Academic journal article Journal of Singing

Letter to the Editor

Academic journal article Journal of Singing

Letter to the Editor

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Dear Editor,

Thank you for the current issue of the Journal of Singing which I downloaded today.

I am writing to correct an error made in the "Provenance" column, "Charlatans and Quacks: Motivation of NATS's Creation." On page 76, the author states: "In 1907, Herman Klein was representing our newly formed Association at the Annual Music Teachers National Association when he stated..."

In point of fact, Klein-whose first name was spelled with two Ns before WW I-did nothing of the sort. He was the first Chairman of the National Association of Teachers of Singing, which later changed its name to the New York Singing Teachers Association in 1917, after the movement to standardize and certify voice teachers failed and Klein returned to London in 1909. NYSTA is still in existence. It has an association with NATS, but is not the same organization.

The current organization called NATS was founded inl944, long after Klein had died in 1934.

To conflate the two organizations is not only sloppy but disrespectful, especially in an article about misinformation and charlatanism. Does not the author know the history of the two organizations? And if not, why not?

All best regards,

Daniel Shigo

Shigo Voice Studio

New York, NY

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