Academic journal article The Journal of Psychohistory

The Second Flood

Academic journal article The Journal of Psychohistory

The Second Flood

Article excerpt

Signs, abundant signs, all unheeded,

Advance warnings by scientists of every stripe,

Unlikeliest prophets with their vast granaries of data:

Warming oceans, melting polar ice,

Methane released from thawing permafrost,

Dying coral reefs, perishing species,

Accelerated mining and burning petroleum and coal

From insatiable humans and their

Fossil-fuel-devouring machines.

Year upon year, waters rose, continued to rise,

First engulfed helpless islands

In every sea, ate away at shore-lines

Of every continent, made their way inland,

Poisoned groundwater with saltwater.

All life on the shrinking continents

Withdrew further inland, encroaching

Upon one another. Species after species perished.

Even remaining land was no sanctuary:

Deadlier thunderstorms; mammoth tornadoes;

Monstrous hurricanes; more inundating river-floods;

Longer, expansive droughts-

And still ocean waters rose,

Sea claiming land, salt water triumphant.

We called it The Second Flood.

Long ago, the Bible story tells,

G-d's wrath at human wickedness

Led Him to destroy all life,

Except for righteous Noah

And two land animals

Of every kind aboard the Ark.

Afterward even G-d realized

That this time He had gone too far,

And vowed never again

To flood the earth. …

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