Academic journal article Journal of Physical Education and Sport

Peculiarities of Professional Preparation of Physical Education Students for Health-Related Activities

Academic journal article Journal of Physical Education and Sport

Peculiarities of Professional Preparation of Physical Education Students for Health-Related Activities

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The key task of higher education is to create conditions for the training of a specialist, who is capable to compete at the employment market (T. Kuteitsyna, 2011; M. Shylova and I. Belykh, 2010). For this reason, the modern system of higher physical education is focused on training the graduating students who have professional competence and skills to orient themselves, beneficially introduce themselves and to withstand rivalry with other job seekers.

The problem of employment of specialists in physical education and sports can be solved, taking into consideration not only the professional but also the personal characteristics of the graduating students associated with real and perspective stuff needs in the recreational and health-related sphere. (O. Andreeva, 2014; M. Danylevych, 2016).

The obvious is the problem to find ways to train specialists in physical education, who have the developed aspect of professional principles, which allows to organize effective interaction with all participants in the health-related process. The task how to form the content of study is not completely clear. For that matter, M. Vylenskyi, P. Obraztsov and A. Uman (2010) offer to take into account the important didactic position on the unity of procedural and substantive aspects of learning in selecting the content of education. Selection criteria and principles for the formation of the content of education, formulated according to this position, allow the teacher to realize the educational objectives set in the educational process.

Taking into account the abovementioned, we have developed an author's model of the professional training of future specialists in physical education and sports for health-related activity.

Work coherence with scientific programmes, plans and themes. The studies have been executed according to Lviv State University of Physical Culture named after Ivan Boberskij research plan on the topic: "The attraction technologies of the population into the health-related activity" (State registration number 0117U 003040).

Methods and materials

822 students and 96 teachers representing ten Ukrainian higher educational establishments were engaged into the research. To elaborate the author's model, there have been used complex of theoretical methods of investigation, such as: analysis, synthesis, general conclusion of scientific papers on research topic, reconstruction and generalization of educational experience, concretization, comparison, systematization, studying experience of professional preparation and modelling.

The purpose of the article was to substantiate structure and content of author's model of the professional training of future physical education and sport specialists to health-related activity.

The results of the investigation.

In the previous researches of M. Danylevych (2015, 2016, 2017, 2019) it was defined the methodological basis of the study, it was compiled job profile diagram; it was performed a description and analysis of the main provisions of the preparation concept for recreational activity.

The results of the study gave us the possibility to work out the model of professional preparation for recreational activity. It consists of three units: purpose, tasks and main directions. Application of the model makes it possible to explore the features of this process more clearly, creates preconditions for generalization of all the best that have been accumulated by higher physical education institutions.

The structure of the author's model includes five blocks: target, theoretical and methodological, contentrelated, organizational and technological, and criterion-evaluative ones.

Determining the target block, we emerged from the fact that the model would be aimed at implementing a social demand for the specialists' effective preparation, taking into account the requirements of employers to modern high-school physical education. …

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