Exile in Literature

Exile in Literature: Selected full-text books and articles

Islands and Exiles: The Creole Identities of Post/Colonial Literature
Chris Bongie.
Stanford University Press, 1998
Caliban in Exile: The Outsider in Caribbean Fiction
Margaret Paul Joseph.
Greenwood Press, 1992
Writing in Limbo: Modernism and Caribbean Literature
Simon Gikandi.
Cornell University Press, 1992
Librarian’s tip: Chap. 1 "Caribbean Modernist Discourse: Writing, Exile, and Tradition"
Contested Landscapes: Movement, Exile and Place
Barbara Bender; Margot Winer.
Berg, 2001
Librarian’s tip: Part II "Landscapes of Movement and Exile"
The Future of Nostalgia
Svetlana Boym.
Basic Books, 2001
Librarian’s tip: Part 3 "Exiles and Imagined Homelands"
Three Writers in Exile: Pound, Eliot & Joyce
Doris L. Eder.
Whitston, 1984
Transcending Exile: Conrad, Nabokov, I.B. Singer
Asher Z. Milbauer.
Florida International University Press, 1985
The Art of Memory in Exile: Vladimir Nabokov & Milan Kundera
Hana Píchová.
Southern Illinois University Press, 2002
Writing across Worlds: Literature and Migration
Russell King; John Connell; Paul White.
Routledge, 1995
Librarian’s tip: Chap. 4 "'Rivers to Cross': Exile and Transformation in the Caribbean Migration Novels of George Lamming"
Exile's Return: A Literary Odyssey of the 1920s
Malcolm Cowley; Donald W. Faulkner.
Penguin Books, 1994
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