William Vaughn Moody

William Vaughn Moody, 1869–1910, American poet and dramatist, b. Spencer, Ind., grad. Harvard, 1893. After writing several verse dramas, Moody achieved wide success with the prose play The Great Divide (produced as A Sabine Woman, 1906). The Faith Healer (1909), however, also written in prose, was less popular. Both his poetry and his plays are noted for their lyricism and philosophical idealism. He also wrote A History of English Literature (1902) with Robert Morss Lovett.

See his poems and plays (2 vol., 1912); studies by M. Halpern (1964) and M. F. Brown (1973).

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William Vaughn Moody: Selected full-text books and articles

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Librarian’s tip: Includes 'The Daguerreotype,' 'Gloucester Moors' and 'Ode in Time of Hesitation, An' by William Vaughn Moody
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