Music and Performing Arts

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Music is the science or art of manipulating sounds to create a harmonious, rhythmic or continuous composition. Dating earlier than 6000 B.C.E, cave art reveal that the first object used as means of music were drums, which has then evolved into an array of instruments such as pipes, lyres, flutes, and several more. Used religiously, leisurely, and more recently for advertising, music is carried out through history and is a powerful element that elicits harmony or emotion.

Performance art is a dominant mode of expression or storytelling through live visual representation. Until this day, the most iconic and inspirational product of live art is through the work of Shakespeare in the 1600’s. Shakespeare is most recognized for his play Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet, Midsummer Night’s Dream and several other plays written during his career. His works have and is an inspiration to several dramatists, opening doors to endless ideas, possibilities and innovations to the art of performance.

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