The Review of Metaphysics

Founded in 1947, the Review of Metaphysics is a quarterly journal published by the Philosophy Education Society of the Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C. Its subject matter covers trade, technical and professional publications; philosophy; indexes, abstracts, reports, proceedings and bibliographies. Kenneth Rolling is the managing editor, Dr. Jude P. Dougherty is the editor and Justin West is the book review editor.

Articles from Vol. 55, No. 2, December

Analytic Philosophy and the Hegelian Turn
THE BEGINNING OF THE NEW CENTURY provides a good time to reflect on the most influential philosophers of this period, or those most likely to survive, or again whom we should be reading in a hundred years. The answer one gives to this type of question...
Human Discourse, Eros, and Madness in Plato's Republic
I IN BOOK 9 OF THE REPUBLIC, Socrates tells Adeimantus that the "tyrant-makers" manage to defeat the relatives of the nascent tyrant in the battle over the young man's soul by contriving "to make in him some eros, a sort of great winged drone, to...
Monist Vol. 85, No. 2, April 2002
Calibrating Evil, HILLEL STEINER This article explores the common idea that evil acts, though wrong, are neither merely wrong nor more wrong, but rather possess some common property additional to their wrong-making properties. To do this, it formulates...
"Rights" in Aristotle's Politics and Nicomachean Ethics?
I RECENT DEBATES HAVE EXAMINED AGAIN whether the concept of individual natural "fights" is significant for Aristotle's political philosophy and ethics. Fred D. Miller's Nature, Justice, and Rights in Aristotle's Politics is the most sustained recent...
Toward an Integrated Approach to Aristotle as a Biological Philosopher
I EVER SINCE BALME'S GROUNDBREAKING WORK on the subject, there has been substantial progress in our understanding of the importance of biology in Aristotle's philosophy. (1) Despite a certain reluctance to incorporate treatises on animals into the...
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