The Review of Metaphysics

Founded in 1947, the Review of Metaphysics is a quarterly journal published by the Philosophy Education Society of the Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C. Its subject matter covers trade, technical and professional publications; philosophy; indexes, abstracts, reports, proceedings and bibliographies. Kenneth Rolling is the managing editor, Dr. Jude P. Dougherty is the editor and Justin West is the book review editor.

Articles from Vol. 48, No. 1, September

Aristotle and Adam Smith on Justice: Cooperation between Ancients and Moderns?
I Sympathy in Smith. The most wide-spread, but ill-informed opinion about Adam Smith, based on his reputation as the founder of modern economics, makes him out to be a Social Darwinist for whom the most important form of human interaction is...
Frederick C. Copleston, S.J. (1907-1994)
Last February 3 there quietly passed away in London the best known historian of philosophy in the English speaking world, and a man to whom many are indebted, the Reverend Frederick C. Copleston, S.J. (or, as he always introduced himself, "Freddie...
Peirce's Transformation of Kant
Although C. S. Peirce is generally regarded as the founder of American pragmatism, the fragmentary and incomplete character of many of his texts makes it hard to glimpse any systematic or coherent philosophy of pragmatism in them. One might respond...
Remarks on the Argument from Design
The argument from design for the existence of God has been subject to assault on all flanks and is often thought to have lost all strategic importance in debates within philosophical theology. Yet it exhibits a remarkable resilience. Not only is it...
Some Reflections on Sartre's Nothingness and Whitehead's Perishing
Three philosophers do justice to man as a part of nature: Aristotle, Hegel, and Whitehead. Paul Weiss's observation points directly and succinctly to the very heart of the metaphysical enterprise as I understand it, which is to develop categories...
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