The Review of Metaphysics

Founded in 1947, the Review of Metaphysics is a quarterly journal published by the Philosophy Education Society of the Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C. Its subject matter covers trade, technical and professional publications; philosophy; indexes, abstracts, reports, proceedings and bibliographies. Kenneth Rolling is the managing editor, Dr. Jude P. Dougherty is the editor and Justin West is the book review editor.

Articles from Vol. 51, No. 2, December

A Case of Bad Judgment: The Logical Failure of the Moral Will
I In this paper I attempt to understand Hegel's claim that the moral will is finite, or incompletely free, as a consequence of the moral will being structured by the logical concept of judgment. Section 2 begins with a brief discussion of judgment....
Destruktion or Recovery?: Leo Strauss's Critique of Heidegger
Of the numerous legacies bequeathed by Leo Strauss, his influence on the study of German philosophy frequently goes least mentioned. Apart from some early reviews and other occasional pieces, Strauss left no major work on any German thinker.(1) With...
Smooth Spaces and Rough-Edged Places: The Hidden History of Place
Every body must be in a place. Philoponus, In Aristotelis Physicorum Libros Quinque Posteriores Commentaria If there is no place thought about, there is no thought at all--no intelligible proposition will have been entertained. Gareth Evans,...
Valuational Species
Physicians and nurses training in city hospitals are in daily Contact with the richness of the actual. The surprising, the unusual, and the abnormal assault them on every side. Their work requires that they recognize every shade of the strange, the...
Virtue, Knowledge, and Wisdom: Bypassing Self-Control
I Socrates' claim that virtue is knowledge implies that if we behave in an unvirtuous way we must be ignorant of what goodness really is. No allowance is made for the possibility that we may know what is good but act otherwise because we are too...
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