The Review of Metaphysics

Founded in 1947, the Review of Metaphysics is a quarterly journal published by the Philosophy Education Society of the Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C. Its subject matter covers trade, technical and professional publications; philosophy; indexes, abstracts, reports, proceedings and bibliographies. Kenneth Rolling is the managing editor, Dr. Jude P. Dougherty is the editor and Justin West is the book review editor.

Articles from Vol. 47, No. 2, December

Logical Implication and the Ambiguity of Extensional Logic
I Counterrevolutionary responses to the twentieth-century revolution in logic have usually started from the assumption that there is in fact a body of theory for which the name ~extensional logic' is appropriate. Debate has centered not on that...
Natural Kinds: Direct Reference, Realism, and the Impossibility of Necessary a Posteriori Truth
Scientists have discovered that water is [H.sub.2]O. "Water is [H.sub.2]O" is true. But is it a necessary truth? In other words, is it true in all possible worlds? Some people think it is. For example Hilary Putnam, in his well-known Twin Earth argument,...
Philosophy as Performed in Plato's 'Theaetetus.'
I Phylosophy begins in wonder - so says Socrates in the Theaetetus - but where does it end? The Theaetetus itself ends in such a puzzling way as to be the cause of apparently interminable dispute. Although its theme is the nature of knowledge,...
Postmodernity or Late Modernity? Ambiguities in Richard Rorty's Thought
Is postmodernism a new, perhaps decisive stage that completes the unfinished project of modernity, as Jurgen Habermas and, in some respects, Jean-francois Lyotard claim? Or does it intend to break with that project altogether, as Derrida and Rorty...
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