The Romanic Review

A quarterly journal devoted to the study of Romance literatures. Articles cover all periods of French, Italian, and Spanish-language literature. Published by the Department of French and Romance Philology of Columbia University.

Articles from Vol. 92, No. 3, May

Constitutive Elements of the Discourse of Natural Instruction in Rousseau's Emile: Situations and Implications
In Emile, (1) Jean-Jacques Rousseau describes a mythical process of education through which the master reveals to his pupil wisdom that is simultaneously social and natural. The master's part in this myth is to be nature's emissary, since Rousseau...
La Repetition Dans Les Mythologies D'hiver De Pierre Michon
Une hypothese emerge dans la litterature francaise d'aujourd'hui selon laquelle les romanciers traversent une periode de desarroi, depourvue d'ecoles et d'etiquettes. "Il y a vingt ans encore", estimait Angelo Rinaldi en 1989, "on pouvait parler d'avant-garde,...
Partners in Slime: The Liquid and the Viscous in Sarraute and Sartre
Nathalie Sarraute would not have appreciated this essay, because in it I propose to compare, as other critics have done in the past, her work with that of Jean-Paul Sartre. Sarraute's testiness about the nature of her intellectual relationship with...
To Judge through Verse: The Sonnets of Lope De Vega's la Circe and His Engagement with Literature
In Lope de Vega's collection of poetry, La Circe (1624), a number of sonnets offer observations on different aspects of poetry writing. The specific themes which Lope treats in these less-studied poems range from the linguistic and intellectual qualities...
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