The Romanic Review

A quarterly journal devoted to the study of Romance literatures. Articles cover all periods of French, Italian, and Spanish-language literature. Published by the Department of French and Romance Philology of Columbia University.

Articles from Vol. 84, No. 2, March

"Fantastiquant Mille Monstres Bossus": Poetic Incongruities, Poetic Epiphanies, and the Writerly Semiosis of Pierre De Ronsard
In his latest study on an intriguing subject that was for him both "exhilarating" and "exasperating," Murray Krieger defines ekphrasis in these terms: "the literary representation of visual art, real or imaginary." The kind of ekphrasis that deals...
Problematizing the Autobiographical Act: Observations on the Frame in Ramon J. Sender's 'Cronica del Alba.'
Ramon J. Sender's characterization of his semi-autobiographical series of nine novels, Cronica del alba (1942-1966),(1) as "una vision de los primeros cuarenta anos de la vida espanola de este siglo" (Penuelas 149), while heuristically valid, fails...
The Birth of the Subject in Camus' 'L'Etranger.'
The source of Meursault's transformation Although, as I have argued elsewhere, Meursault does not undergo a fundamental change in mentality while awaiting the guillotine nor experience a revelation that drastically alters his relation to his...
The Geist in the Machine: Nazism in Tournier's 'Le Roi Des Aulnes.' (Michel Tournier)
Le Roides aulnes is the second and most controversial of Michel Tournier's novels. He was awarded the Prix Goncourt for it in 1970, a decisive moment in the career of an author who, if one is to judge by the ever increasing numbers of interviewers,...
The Pit or the Pedestal? the Dichotomization of the Lady in Troubadour Lyric
For many medieval scholars, the problem inherent in courtly literature has been located in the dichotomization of the lady into either an inaccessible ideal or an imperfect and all too-feeling woman: The contrast between the poetic ideal of the...
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