The Romanic Review

A quarterly journal devoted to the study of Romance literatures. Articles cover all periods of French, Italian, and Spanish-language literature. Published by the Department of French and Romance Philology of Columbia University.

Articles from Vol. 89, No. 2, March

".Avaro Seme Di Donna": Patrizia Cavalli's Transgressive Discourse
Non ho seme da spargere per il mondo non posso inondare i pisciatoi ne i materassi. Il mio avaro seme di donna e troppo poco per offendere. Cosa posso lasciare nelle strade nelle case nei ventri infecondati? Le parole quelle...
Baudelaire: Sculptor of Words
That Baudelaire was conscious of the close relationship between and writing is something no one disputes. The son of a artiste manque, and one of the most important French art critics of the mid-19th century, he has often been portrayed as someone...
On the Heels of Corinne: Venice, Sand's Traveler and a Case for Urban Renewal
"Parmi tous les curieux charlatanismes qu'invente chaque jour ce siecle de progres dans lequel nous vivons, il en est un auquel on devrait plus faire attention, c'est le charlatanisme de la correspondance." The textual fraud of which this anonymous...
Rene's Volcano, Creative Center and Gendered Periphery
The Romantic attitude toward life and self is immortalized in Chateaubriand's Rene (1801) which features a scene rich in symbolic meaning--"un jeune homme plein de passions, assis sur la boucne d'un volcan" (200). The hero's climb to the summit of...
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