Scandinavian Studies

A journal that presents scholarly coverage of medieval and modern languages of Scandinavia for the academic audience.

Articles from Vol. 66, No. 2, Spring

Lars Gyllensten's 'Sokrates Dod': Intertextuality and the Ludic Spirit
INTERTEXTUALITY, LIKE MOST PHENOMENA, existed long before it was given a name. Indeed, the practice of creating dialogic relationships between texts was well established centuries before Julia Kristeva introduced the term intertextualite (Kristeva...
Management of the Celtic Fact in 'Landnamabok.'
SCHOLARLY DEBATE ALONG THE Ireland-Iceland axis has waxed with emotion and waned with lack of evidence in the address of two issues: 1) the Celtic component among the original settlers of Iceland in the late ninth and early tenth centuries, and 2)...
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