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Articles from Vol. 71, No. 2, Summer

British Officers in Seventeenth-Century Sweden
British Officers in Seventeenth-Century Sweden THE SEVENTEENTH CENTURY HAS BEEN characterized as a period of state building throughout Europe. Many monarchs expanded and centralized government bureaucracies, developed more sophisticated tax systems,...
Disease, Desire and Communicability in "Niels Lyhne" and "Ved Vejen"
Disease, Desire, and Communicability in Niels Lyhne and Ved Vejen LOVE MAKES THE BODY SPEAK. In quivers from erotic anticipation fulfillment, it communicates with its owner, affirming desire and a contingent sense of burgeoning life forces. Perhaps...
Hagar Olsson's "Chitambo" and the Ambiguities of Female Modernism
OVER TWENTY-FIVE YEARS have elapsed since George Schoolfield's informative and thought-provoking article on Hagar Olsson's 1933 novel, Chitambo, appeared in Scandinavian Studies. In the intervening years much about our understanding of women in the...
Speech and Chronotype in Peer Hultberg's Novel "Byen Og Verden"
Speech and Chronotope in Peer Hultberg's Novel Byen og Verden IN THIS ARTICLE, I will take a look at the novel Byen og Verden (1992) [The City and the World], by Peer Hultberg (b. 1935) using it as the springboard for a discussion of the Bakhtinian...
The Royal Ideology and Genre of Hrolfs Saga Kraka
The Royal Ideology and Genre of Hrolfs saga kraka MANUSCRIPTS AND THEIR DATING HROLFS SAGA has long been regarded as a kolbitur, an ugly duckling, among the mediaeval Icelandic sagas as it does not fit easily into any of the generic definitions...
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