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"An Unjust and Evil Thing": Tolstoy's Condemnation of War in His Early Fiction"
At the beginning of Leo Tolstoy's "The Raid," the narrator announces, "War always interested me, not war in the sense of manoeuvres devised by great generals ... but the reality of war, the actual killing" (1). That Leo Tolstoy, the author of War and...
As the United States became engaged in the war with Iraq, it was decided to devote the 28th annual colloquium to a subject that had become extremely pertinent to American scholars. In the publicity for the event, Daniel F. Ferreras, Colloquium Director,...
Scarlett O'Hara as Confederate Woman
Admittedly, when one is asked to think of a war movie Gone With the Wind does not immediately come to mind. (1) The movie's designation as a "woman's film" typically negates its membership within the masculine war movie genre. Moreover, the iconic...
Technology and "Reel Patriotism" in American Film Advertising of the World War I Era
"We can now see, through the looking glass of several decades, that both war and Hollywood thrive on illusion." Robert S. Sennett Advertising and publicity are forms of commercial speech that function powerfully to motivate moviegoing and shape...
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