The European Journal of Comparative Economics

Articles from Vol. 1, No. 2, 2004

Corporate and Public Governances in Transition: The Limits of Property Rights and the Significance of Legal Institutions
AbstractPost-socialist transition raises crucial issues about the institutional setting of a market economy. The priority has been given to property rights, and privatization has been advocated as a means to depoliticize economic activities. The dismissal...
Managerial Ownership and Corporate Performance in Slovenian Post-Privatisation Period
AbstractThe Slovenian post-privatisation period has been characterised by a decline in the ownership by non-managerial owners (employees) and state-controlled funds. On the other hand, domestic and foreign nonfinancial firms, Privatisation Investment...
Measuring and Analyzing Poverty (with a Particular Reference to the Case of Nepal)
AbstractThis paper makes an assessment of Nepalese poverty situation during 1977 - 1997 using a comparative static approach. Income and human poverty indices have been estimated using World Bank and UNDP methods, respectively. Moreover, it also makes...
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