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Articles from January 18

Drug Trafficker Sandra Avila Beltran Avoids Extradition; Growing Number of Women Involved in Organized Crime
A federal court rejected a second attempt by President Felipe Calderon's administration to extradite high-profile drug trafficker Sandra Avila Beltran to the US. Avila Beltran, known as La Reina del Pacifico (Queen of the Pacific), is among a growing...
Survivors of 1997 Massacre in Chiapas File Lawsuit against Former President Ernesto Zedillo in U.S. Court
The families of 10 survivors of a 1997 massacre in a remote community in Chiapas have filed a lawsuit against former President Ernesto Zedillo in a US court, seeking US$50 million in damages. The suit--filed in a US federal court in Hartford, Connecticut,...