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A scholarly journal publishing current information about research, theory, and practice in the field of adult development and aging. Emphasis is given to developmental principles and concomitant counseling implications. This is the official journal of the

Articles from Vol. 8, No. 1, Spring

Counselors and Self-Care: A Broader View to Assist Midlife and Older Clients
Insecurity. Fear. Hopelessness. Those words come to mind as I read the newspaper each and every morning for the past few months. I had hoped that by the time you were reading this in spring 2009, the financial framework of the United States would be...
Life Satisfaction, Self-Esteem, and Subjective Age in Women across the Life Span
A study of 320 women, ages 21 to 69, explored the relations among relationship status, subjective age, self-esteem, and life satisfaction. Women in married or partnered relationships had higher levels of life satisfaction than did single women. Women...
Promoting Overall Health and Wellness among Clients: The Relevance and Role of Professional Counselors
Given the rise in health care costs and the premature morbidity and mortality rates in the United States, the authors discuss the relevant constructs of wellness and holistic health as they relate and apply to the profession of counseling. Implications...
Stress Coping Mechanisms in Elderly Adults: An Initial Study of Recreational and Other Coping Behaviors in Nursing Home Patients
Residents (N = 32) of 3 skilled nursing homes participated in a study designed to document the nature of the stressors they experienced and the coping mechanisms they used. Medical issues were the most common stressors. The most common coping responses...
The Relationship of Sexual Values and Emotional Awareness to Sexual Activity in Young Adulthood
A sample of 170 college freshman completed assessments related to emotional awareness, sexual values, and levels of sexual activity. There was a significant relationship between sexual values and sexual activity. Abstinence values appear to be important...
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