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A scholarly journal publishing current information about research, theory, and practice in the field of adult development and aging. Emphasis is given to developmental principles and concomitant counseling implications. This is the official journal of the

Articles from Vol. 2, No. 2, Fall

An Experiential Workshop for Meaning Making in Adulthood: The Response of Professional Counselors
A basic goal for individuals as they struggle to face normative developmental tasks across their life span is to determine how to make meaning of their experiences, real and vicarious. The authors describe a workshop that gave counselors and human...
Generativity versus Stagnation: The Big Parade or Just Marching in Place? (from the Editor)
Life is what happens to you while you are making other plans. William Gaddis As I reflect on the past 2 years, I feel fortunate to have acquired a practical awareness of the developmental stage that Erikson (as cited in Hergenhahn & Olson,...
Senior Service Centers: A Comparison of Affiliated and Nonaffiliated Participants
The authors divided 275 elderly volunteers into 2 groups (affiliated and nonaffiliated participants) and examined demographic, emotional, and practical issues that affect elderly people. There were significant cant differences between the groups on...
Sex, Education, Age, and Cautiousness: Implications for Counselors
A cross-sectional study of educated men and women showed that cautiousness, as measured by perceived problem-solving ability, does not increase with age. Sex differences were nonsignificant. The results are discussed in terms of R. Schultz and J. Heckhausen's...
Training the Elderly: The Example of Class Inclusion. (Articles)
The authors used an inclusive reasoning task to assess the cognitive reserve capacities of elderly people. The results showed that it is possible to optimize the inclusive reasoning of individuals who are over 60 years old, regardless of their level...
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