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A scholarly journal publishing current information about research, theory, and practice in the field of adult development and aging. Emphasis is given to developmental principles and concomitant counseling implications. This is the official journal of the

Articles from Vol. 7, No. 2, Fall

An Examination of Liking, Love Styles, and Wellness among Emerging Adults: Implications for Social Wellness and Development
Liking, love styles, and wellness were examined in an undergraduate sample (N = 168). Liking and the Mania love style were found to predict 15.8% of the variance in Total Wellness. In addition, within-group differences in love styles and wellness were...
Catalysts for Developing Productive Life Reviews: A Multiple Case Study
Considered a naturally occurring process common to older adults, the life review becomes a more productive process through facilitation and development and application of effective prompts. The experiences of 6 older adults who participated in a facilitated...
Clinical and Pastoral Issues and Challenges in Working with the Dying and Their Families
How might counseling professionals interact with clients facing their own or a loved one's serious illness or death and help prepare them for this severe stress and loss? Counseling professionals are encouraged to do no harm, be sensitive to beliefs...
The Developmental Mentoring Relationship between Academic Women
This exploratory study focused on the needs and attributes that female doctoral students, during their academic and professional careers, seek in mentoring relationships with female faculty. Two domains--personal and professional--were identified as...
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