Studies in the Novel

An international literary quarterly that publishes literary criticism and scholarship on the novel. Includes essays on well-known and lesser-known novelists of all periods and countries. Contents include essays, reviews of recent books on novels and novel

Articles from Vol. 41, No. 3, Fall

From Involuntary Object to Voluntary Spy: Female Agency, Novels, and the Marketplace in Northanger Abbey
When Catherine Morland, the naive heroine of Northanger Abbey, discovers a washing-bill buried inside the black cabinet at Northanger Abbey, the incident is generally read as a moment of comic deflation, in which the heroine's Gothic expectations are...
Somatic Syntax: Replotting the Developmental Narrative in Carson McCullers's the Member of the Wedding
"I wish tomorrow was Sunday instead of Friday ..." "Sunday will come," said Berenice. "I doubt it," said Frankie. --Carson McCullers, The Member of the Wedding "What defines a nonnarratable element is its incapacity to generate a story. Properly...
"That Little Incandescence": Reading the Fragmentary and John Calvin in Marilynne Robinson's Gilead
My intention, my hope, is to revive interest in Jean Cauvin, the sixteenth-century French humanist and theologian--he died in 1564, the year Shakespeare was born--known to us by the name John Calvin. If I had been forthright about my subject, I doubt...
The Haunted House of American Fiction: William Gaddis's Carpenter's Gothic
In his third novel Carpenter's Gothic (1985), William Gaddis presents a postmodern adaptation of a classic gothic plot: a brutal husband terrorizes his frail wife while scheming to take her inheritance. Gaddis's description of his gothic heroine Elizabeth...
Unsettling Stories: Disruptive Narrative Strategies in Marina Warner's Indigo and the Leto Bundle
In her 2002 Amnesty Lecture at the Oxford Sheldonian Theatre, Marina Warner commented that since the 1980s, many women writers had used "Negative Capability" to reconstitute lost histories (Warner, "Who's Sorry" 467). Keats developed the concept of...
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