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An international literary quarterly that publishes literary criticism and scholarship on the novel. Includes essays on well-known and lesser-known novelists of all periods and countries. Contents include essays, reviews of recent books on novels and novel

Articles from Vol. 31, No. 3, Fall

Character Design in the Picture of Dorian Gray
Until the 1980s, The Picture of Dorian Gray was generally considered to be a deeply flawed novel. To some critics, it was simply badly written.(1) To others, it was hopelessly confused, reflecting Wilde' s uncertainty and irresolution.(2) To still...
"Glorious Pagan That I Adore": Resisting the National Reproductive Imperative in Rosamond Lehmann's Dusty Answer
Arguably the most daring lesbian novel of the inter-war years, Radclyffe Hall's The Well of Loneliness,(1) published in 1928, elicited sensational response from readers and outrage from authorities. Although many intellectuals defended the novel as...
Middle-Class Erasures: The Decreations of Mrs. General and Mr. Podsnap
Vereen Bell has suggested that in Little Dorrit Dickens holds "up a mirror to those whom he considered responsible [for the social inequalities of England]--apparently with the hope that if they could see nothing else they could at least see themselves,"(1)...
Signing Evelina: Female Self-Inscription in the Discourse of Letters
The story of Frances Burney's entrance into the literary world could hardly be more complicated if she herself had designed the various deferrals, deceptions, and deflections that problematize any attempt to characterize her authorial status. One would...
"The Hun Is at the Gate!": Historicizing Kipling's Militaristic Rhetoric, from the Imperial Periphery to the National Center
PART ONE: THE RUSSIAN THREAT TO BRITISH INDIA Fenced by your careful fathers, ringed by your leaden seas, Long did ye wake in quiet and long lie down at ease; Till ye said of Strife, "What is it?"; of the Sword, "It is far from our ken";...
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