Studies in the Novel

An international literary quarterly that publishes literary criticism and scholarship on the novel. Includes essays on well-known and lesser-known novelists of all periods and countries. Contents include essays, reviews of recent books on novels and novel

Articles from Vol. 29, No. 2, Summer

Dickens, Theater, and the Making of a Victorian Reading Public
Nineteenth-century English fiction has undergone a certain transformation at the hands of twentieth-century critics who have read Victorian novels in discrete critical editions and assumed them to be privatized narrative expressions of modern bourgeois...
"Improper and Dangerous Distinctions": Female Relationships and Erotic Domination in 'Emma.' (Jane Austen)
She always declares she will never marry, which, of course, means just nothing at all. But I have no idea that she has yet ever seen a man she cared for. It would not be a bad thing for her to be very much in love with a proper object. Intimacy between...
Picturing Property: 'Waverley' and the Common Law
In Sir Walter Scott's Waverley (1814), landed property functions as a register of political and cultural change. A number of critics have emphasized property's importance for Waverley. Ian Duncan, for example, persuasively argues that the Bradwardine...
Sheridan le Fanu's Ungovernable Governesses
The stereotypical down-trodden, ill-used Victorian governess abandons her abject demeanor and launches into the domestic fray over social and cultural authority in the work of Anglo-Irish short story writer, novelist, journalist, and editor, Sheridan...
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