Teaching Children Mathematics

Teaching Children Mathematics is a monthly (August through May) journal published and owned by The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics whose headquarters are in Reston, Va. It has been published since 1994. Written for mathematics teachers, Teaching Children Mathematics covers mathematics education through the middle grades. This journal provides educators with teaching techniques for mathematics education and focuses on developments in curriculum, instruction, learning and teacher education. Its region is the United States. The February 2006 issue of Teaching Children Mathematics featured an article titled "How Many Days 'til My Birthday? Helping Students Understand Calendar Connections and Concepts." This article described a new approach to instructing kindergarteners about the representation of time through calendars. The October 2010 issue looked at building word problems by using students' own experiences. The journal's regular departments include "Math by the Month" and "From the Classroom." Pamela Halonen is the Editor and Gretchen Mui and Luanne Flom are Contributing Editors.

Articles from Vol. 6, No. 3, November

BEYOND HELPING WITH HOMEWORK: Parents and Children Doing Mathematics at Home
How can parents help their children be enthusiastic about mathematics? What is the mathematical equivalent of reading out loud to children every day? How can teachers support parents in doing mathematics with their children in engaging and productive...