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Anglo-English Influences on Scottish Standard English Speakers: Trap/Bath/Palm/Start and Lot/Cloth/Thought/North/Force (1)
1. INTRODUCTION Current related work concerning Anglo-English influences on Scottish English includes that of Stuart-Smith (1999 and elsewhere (2)) on London English influences on WC Glasgow English. Stuart-Smith found evidence of London English...
Smoking, Drinking, Dancing and Singing on the High Seas: Steamships and the Uses of Smuid in Scottish Gaelic
Speakers of Scottish Gaelic are well used to the compound noun batasmuide ('boat of steam, steamship') and its noun-phrase variants, such as bata na smuid(e), which are employed fairly regularly in day-to-day Gaelic. The term, especially in its second...
The Ausbau of Present-Day Scots
The aim of this paper is to give an overview of two aspects of modern-day Scots: its range of use (which is larger than sometimes assumed) and its standardisation (or lack thereof). Both aspects have come to be subsumed under the term ausbau, (1) following...
Three Celtic Names: Venicones, Tuesis and Soutra
The Celtic expressions discussed here have different origins. Venicones and Tuesis, occurring in Ptolemy, refer to a Grampian tribe and to the fiver Spey. Soutra, in contrast, is a medieval settlement in Midlothian. The forms are set out chronologically....
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