Yeats Eliot Review

Articles from Vol. 28, No. 3-4, Fall-Winter

The Remarkable Relationship of T. S. Eliot and Mary Hutchinson
Mary Barnes Hutchinson was a fascinating and complex woman, to whom the British artist Henry Tonks once said, "What an unusual power you have, you are no ordinary person" (qtd. in Hone), a sentiment echoed by many, though certainly not all, of her...
T. S. Eliot's Green Face Powder: A Mystery Solved
In several surprising and enigmatic statements, T. S. Eliot's friends commented on his addiction to cosmetics. On September 27, 1922, Virginia Woolf, always a caustic observer and keen gossip, recorded, "I am not sure that he does not paint his lips."...
Utopia in Decay: Yeats's Decadent Dystopias
Not long after Ezra Pound decided to modernize W. B. Yeats, the younger poet famously observed that "Uncle William" was coming along quite nicely. His only lament was that the elder poet was "still dragging some of the reeds of the 'nineties in his...
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