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Articles from No. 108-111, April

Deterrence in a New Security Environment
Conclusions * One cannot quarrel with those who seek the ultimate elimination of nuclear weapons, provided the necessary preconditions are met ... those prerequisites do not exist today. * Public debate on nuclear arms control tends to focus...
Deterring Iranian NBC Use
Conclusions * Iran is aggressively pursuing nuclear, biological, and chemical (NBC) weapons, ballistic missiles and other means of delivery and its use of NBC will be particularly difficult to deter. The possibility of deterrence failing is significant....
Elections in Great Britain: Could a Change of Government Affect Security Policy?
The British electorate will be going to the polls in May 1997 to elect a new government for the next five years. The result could change the status quo in a profound way. At stake is Britain's relationship with Europe as well as the weight of its defense...
Slovakia and NATO: The Madrid Summit and After
Conclusions * Slovakia, a former front-runner for NATO membership, will likely be excluded from NATO's first tranche because of its domestic political deficiencies. * Three of Slovakia's five neighbors will likely be NATO members in two-to-three...
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