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Articles from No. 133-135, February

The U.S. Role in Global Security: The Mayo Clinic, Not the Emergency Room
Conclusions While many different proposals have been put forward outlining a post-Cold War security identity for the United States, most do not characterize an American role in terms of either excessive activism or dangerous isolationism. However,...
Turkey's Role in the New World Order: New Challenges
Introduction * Turkey faces new challenges as the result of the political, military and economic developments we have been witnessing over the past decade, not the least of which is finding Turkey's role in the new world order that is now taking...
Where Is NATO's Defense Posture Headed?
Conclusions * NATO's upcoming debate over how to handle new strategic challenges should address not only policy and strategy, but also the thorny details of defense budgets and programs. If the European allies lack the proper military forces, they...
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