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Articles from No. 143-146, August

Global Mine Clearance an Achievable Goal?
Conclusions * Approximately 60 people are killed or seriously injured daily by anti-personnel land mines (APLs). * The number of victims may seem insignificant given the world population, but each person killed or maimed presents a real physical...
Russia's Peacetime Battlefield: Presidential versus General Staff Military Reform
Conclusions * President Boris Yeltsin's restructuring concept (approved in July 1997) for the armed forces under the Ministry of Defense is unpopular in the military and serious obstacles have caused several revisions. The concept may be further...
Systems Concepts for Executives
Conclusions Transforming Defense: National Security in the 21st Century, the December 1997 final report of the National Defense Panel, discusses a "strategy of transformation" and emphasizes systemic change in procurement plans. It refers to "lock-ins"...
U.S. Nuclear Policy in the 21st Century
Conclusions * Nuclear weapons will continue indefinitely to play an indispensable role in U.S. national security policy: as a hedge against uncertainties, to deter potential aggressors who are both more diverse and less predictable than in the past,...
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