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Articles from No. 138-142, May

Bulgaria and NATO: 7 Lost Years
Conclusions * Bulgaria's actions and policies on military reform between 1990 and March 1997 left the country's institutions and military largely unprepared for integration with the Alliance. * Bulgarian government and military officials have...
Global Order and Security Privatization
Conclusions * Nation-states are losing their monopoly over military might. Private security firms are filling a void by offering military services and security for national governments and non-governmental organizations. * The ending of the Cold...
Responding to Proliferation Threats
Conclusions * Iraq's possession of biological and chemical weapons is indicative that proliferation presents not "theoretical" military problems but significant military threats today. * Countries of moderate technical capability and economic...
Rethinking the Role of Nuclear Weapons
Conclusion In the new era, the United States does not need to rely on nuclear weapons to prevent a global challenger from upsetting the status quo, to compensate for weakness in conventional defense, or to impress others of its power. While the...
Simplified Complexity: Thinking in the White Spaces
Conclusions * Change, not stability, is the constant in today's world. Massive amounts of information flow around our global system in milliseconds, breaking down the borders of nation states and shifting the balance of power among old and new players....
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