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Articles from No. 101-104, February

Caribbean Regional Security
Sovereignty and Consensus Defining the security concerns of the Caribbean and developing strategies for dealing with these concerns vary considerably among its nations. Yet there are certain "realities" affecting that security upon which most analysts...
Islamic Radicalism: Shifting Approaches to Power but Not to Islamic Goals
Conclusions * Islamic activists, using religion to validate their political demands, are gaining political power in the Eastern Mediterranean region. Once known for their opposition to the state, Islamists in Turkey, Jordan, and Lebanon are competing...
Romania and NATO: Membership Reassessment at the July 1997 Summit
Conclusions * Romania has made enough progress in its political reform efforts and treatment of ethnic minorities to warrant consideration for NATO "candidacy." * Romania, though, still has much unfinished business to accomplish in basic treaties...
The People's Republic and Taiwan: Time for a New Cross-Strait Bargain
Conclusions * To avoid renewed PRC-Taiwan tensions and facilitate U.S.-China relations, it is necessary and possible to craft a new cross-strait bargain reflecting new political realities. An initial quid pro quo would be China's renouncing the...
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