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Articles from No. 128-130, October

Costs of NATO Enlargement: Moderate and Affordable
Conclusions * NATO must pursue a sound defense program as it enlarges-not to prepare for a threat, but to meet its peacetime preparedness standard. * DOD's cost estimate of $27-35 billion for all NATO enlargement measures through 2009 causes...
Energy Security in a Time of Plenty
Conclusions * Energy supply trends are good for Western security. Dependence on the volatile Persian Gulf may increase only slightly, as additional supplies come from stable pro-Western areas, such as Norway and Latin America. Also, the cost of...
NATO Enlargement: Putting the Cost in Perspective
Conclusion Fundamentally, Europe is now more secure than it has been in a century--one of the most secure regions on Earth. Our strategy should be to: (1) keep it that way; and, (2) get more contribution from Europeans to strengthen security in...
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