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Articles from No. 148-150, October

NATO after the First Tranche: A Strategic Rationale for Enlargement
Conclusions * The first tranche of NATO enlargement--adding Poland, Hungary, and the Czech Republic next year--will help stabilize an historically unstable region and bring security benefits to all of Europe. * Enlargement raises a number of...
Sources of Balkan Insecurity: The Need for a Comprehensive Strategy
Conclusions * Many of the recent Balkan conflicts have been temporarily halted through emergency crisis-resolution actions. These emergency actions, though, have not focused on the interrelated sources of these conflicts, and have not thus far led...
The Australian Defence Force: Broadened Concepts of Security Operations
Conclusions * The Australian Defence Force (ADF) is undergoing a transition from an armed force prepared purely for warfighting functions to a force capable of conducting a wide range of noncombatant functions. * Australia's traditional security...
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