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Articles from No. 79-82, July

Bosnia: Peace by Piece
Progress towards peace in Bosnia shows in every newly stocked store window, on every traffic-filled road in central Bosnia, and in the smiles of every roller skating child on Sarajevo's once deadly streets. But it is all too shaky: a few arrests of...
Information and Nuclear RMAs Compared
Conclusions: * In many respects the current information-based Revolution in Military Affairs (RMA) echoes the earlier nuclear-based RMA. Both put conventional force structures at risk from more modern warfighting methods. * Yet the Nuclear RMA...
The FY 1997-2001 Defense Budget
Conclusions * The defense budget has declined by some 40 percent since its Cold War peak and has leveled off for now. * There is little difference between the Administration and the Congressional Republican leadership over total defense spending....
Tomorrow's Air Force
Conclusions * The U.S. Air Force stands at a crossroads as it contemplates its long term future. * It can retain its atmospheric orientation and find itself mired in endless and fruitless debates over which military tasks (e.g., anti-tactical...
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