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Articles from No. 97-100, December

Export Controls: Conventional Arms and Dual-Use Technologies
Conclusions * In December 1995, in The Hague suburb of Wassenaar, the United States and its allies and former adversaries, including Russia, agreed to establish an export control arrangement to deal with post-Cold War security risks arising from...
Information Warfare: An Old Operational Concept with New Implications
Conclusions The new balance of information and energy (as well as the degree of coupling between them) is changing the conduct of warfare. Expect to see much more intensive use of deception, stealth and redundancy as well as much smaller...
Partnership for Peace
Conclusions Partnership for Peace (PFP) has gotten off to a highly successful start over the past two years with an accelerated growth in membership encompassing the Euro-Atlantic community, the rapid development of its own military structure,...
Southeast Asian Chokepoints: Keeping Sea Lines of Communication Open
Conclusions * The Sea Lines of Communication (SLOCs) in the Indonesian Archipelago and the South China Sea remain critical "chokepoints" for U.S. national interests. * Half of the world's shipping passes through the SE Asian SLOCs. * Closure...
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