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Articles from No. 48-50, October

A Military in Charge of Itself: Civilian Control Is a Russian Myth
Conclusions * The Russian military is presently freer from civilian control than at any time since 1918. Executive and legislative oversight is extremely limited, existing at a level that is far less pervasive than that of the former Communist Party...
The CFE Treaty: Building European Security
Conclusions: * The November 17th final implementation date for the Conventional Armed Forces in Europe (CFE) Treaty is in jeopardy due to Russian insistence that they cannot abide by the limitations imposed on their forces in the treaty's "flank...
The Impact of Korean Local Elections
Summary For the first time since the 1961 military coup, South Koreans went to the polls on June 27th to elect provincial governors, mayors and other local officials in what was widely seen as both a mid-term assessment of President Kim Young Sam...
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