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Articles from No. 60-64, February

After IFOR: Maintaining a Fragile Peace in the Balkans
Conclusions * NATO's firm commitment to complete its military mission in Bosnia and withdraw Implemen-tation Forces (IFOR) in 12 months time means that strategic planners should already be thinking about the post-IFOR period. * IFOR will leave...
The Emerging U.S. System-of-Systems
Conclusions The things which give military forces their fighting capability are changing, and these changes point toward a qualitative jump in our ability to use military force effectively. Probably relating to the way we plan, program and budget...
The South China Sea: Future Source of Prosperity or Conflict in South East Asia?
Conclusions The existence of oil and gas deposits in the South China Sea and overlapping claims of sovereignty over the many mid-ocean land features and surrounding waters cause a risk of military confrontation among the claimants. It is currently...
Turbulent Peace: The United States Role in a Dynamic World
Conclusions * Global conflicts are unlikely in the near future because rivalries among the great powers have been reduced and the great powers have less need to become involved in peripheral states. * The current, if uneasy, harmony that exists...
War in the Pits: Marine-Futures Traders Wargame
Conclusion The computer chip and digital systems for ground combat are as radical as the machinegun in World War I and the blitzkrieg in World War II; they permit standoff attacks rather than closure to rifle range, decreasing U.S. casualty rates...
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