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Articles from No. 69-72, April

Escalating Tensions in South Asia
Conclusions * Policymakers in both India and Pakistan have concluded that the potential capability to develop and deploy nuclear weapons serves their national security and political interests. International efforts to reverse these conclusions are...
Regional Deterrence Strategies for New Proliferation Threats
Conclusions * The deterrence of armed aggression against the United States, its vital national interests, or its allies has moved beyond the requirements of conventional force deterrence. The proliferation of nuclear, biological, and chemical (NBC)...
The Third Wave: What the Tofflers Never Told You
Conclusions * Although much of the Revolution in Military Affairs (RMA) debate centers on the notion that the Information Age represents a Third Wave paradigm shift, the Information Age is only one of the components of the Third Wave. * The Third...
Ukraine: The Security Fulcrum of Europe?
Conclusions * Ukraine's national security policy appears destined to be a balancing act between NATO and Russia, maintaining its own sovereignty while acting as a bridge and stabilizing force between East and West. * Ukraine needs both political...
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