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Articles from No. 65-68, March

Great Power Restorationists Makegains in the Russian Duma
Conclusions * Politicians advocating restoration of Russia as a great power strengthened their position in the December 1995 Duma elections. Although communist and nationalist gains fell short of the two-third majority needed to override a presidential...
Islamic Radicalism in the Arabian Peninsula: Growing Risks
Conclusions * Political radicals using Islam as "the answer" are gaining support and influence in the Arabian Peninsula states. They demand the establishment of truly Islamic government, an end to rule by unjust, corrupt, "unislamic" leaders, and...
NATO's Response to the Proliferation Challenge
Conclusions Proliferation of nuclear, biological and chemical (NBC) weapons is increasingly perceived by members of the North Atlantic Alliance as a political and military threat that could undermine NATO's ability to conduct essential defense missions,...
U.S. Strategic Objectives in East Asia
Workshop Summary * The central objectives of U.S. strategy for the East Asia-Pacific region are to foster political stability, maintain access to regional markets, ensure freedom of navigation, and prevent the rise of any hostile hegemon. The United...
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