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Articles from No. 73-76, May

Building the NATO-Russia Relationship
Conclusions * Relations between Russia and NATO--not the enlargement of NATO--is the main issue in European security. * To preserve hopes for a partnership between Russia and NATO, the gap between declarations and reality must be closed. A new...
International Organized Crime: A Growing National Security Threat
Conclusions * Organized crime has grown far more powerful recently because of the fall of the Iron Curtain and the spread of international drug trafficking. * Russian organized crime is particularly dangerous due to the weakness of Russian law...
Operation Sea Signal: U.S. Military Support for Caribbean Migration Emergencies, May 1994 to February 1996
Conclusions * Both Haitian and Cuban migration flows during this emergency were prompted by a migrant perception that the risk of a hazardous sea voyage was justified by an increased chance of reaching the United States. Just as with the Mariel...
The U.S.-Japan Alliance Redefined
Conclusions * In April 1996, in one of the most important bilateral summit meetings in the history of the U.S.-Japan alliance, President Bill Clinton and Prime Minister Ryutaro Hashimoto convincingly reaffirmed the significance of the security relationship...
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