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Articles from No. 51-55, November

NATO Enlargement: Sailing between Scylla and Charybdis
Conclusions The NATO enlargement process faces two dangers. The first is that enlargement will proceed too fast. If we move too fast, enlargement could upset a very delicate political process underway in Russia. This has been Europe's concern this...
Other Military Operations & Technology
Summary * Other Military Operations (OMO) missions are typically poorly defined, complex, difficult and dangerous. Unclear mission goals and guidance and a changing environment place great strains on the military forces involved. * Technology...
Russia's Duma Elections: Why They Should Matter to the United States
Conclusions * Russia's legislative elections, scheduled for 17 December, have only limited legal significance, because most power is concentrated in the presidency. However, the elections will be viewed in Moscow as an indicator of the popular mood...
The Outlook for Russian Foreign Policy: Great Power Restoration
Conclusions * Moscow's erratic attempts to defend Russia's "vital interests"--while still clinging to the goal of global integration--have not worked. Even reform-minded politicians and officials in Moscow question whether the United States will...
Unifying U.S. Policy on Japan
Conclusions * The U.S.-Japan relationship may be the most important bilateral relationship in the world. * But the strains of acrimonious trade negotiations and troubles related to U.S. bases in Okinawa have reduced public support on both sides...
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