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Articles from No. 34-37, July

Ballistic Missile Defense: An Administration Perspective
Conclusions and Definitions Note: Before one delves into any defense issue one must first begin with the underlying question: "What is our strategy?" What the Clinton Administration is doing with regard to strategic offensive systems provides...
Ballistic Missile Defense: The Need for a National Debate
Conclusions Note: Consensus on Theater Missile Defense There is a strong consensus in the United States concerning the need for active defenses against theater ballistic missiles, defined as missiles with a range of 3,500 km or less. This...
NATO Enlargement: A Russian Perspective
Seven Consequences of NATO Enlargement ONE--Deepening of the gap between Russian and Western civilizations. Historically, this gap is the most important concern. As NATO enlargement reflects a consolidation of the Western (Romano- Germanic) world...
The Next Enemy
Discussion The Cold War offered military planners considerable strategic clarity the threat was known, and the problem was generating a force structure of sufficient size and sophistication to counter it. Today's military threats are varied and,...
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