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November 29

Why Changing the Curriculum Never Works
Everyone’s talking about curriculum right now. In England, Ofsted has made it a priority under the new inspection regime. Reforms are proposed in Wales, and in Scotland the debate about Curriculum for Excellence rages on. But what people aren’t talking...
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Teaching Same-Sex Relationships Must Start at Primary School
Schools have a moral obligation to teach primary pupils about same-sex relationships – but unclear RSE guidance means not all do. Such schools are failing in their duty of care, writes Michael Hand ?Should primary schools teach children about same-sex...
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November 22

Should We Scrap Classroom Seating Plans?
Traditionally, the seating plan has been a valuable weapon in the war against classroom disruption. But have you ever thought that your approach to placing pupils might be doing more harm than good? Grainne Hallahan uncovers research suggesting that...
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Why We Should Be Teaching the History of Maths
From Euclid to Pythagoras, mathematics was always concerned with deep questions about the universe, yet today’s students are fed a flat diet of measuring, accounting and adding up. Kester Brewin argues that teaching students about the subject’s history...
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November 15

‘Schools Should Lead the Way on Climate Change’
Schools should be at the vanguard in the battle against climate change – but they’re lagging behind, writes Callum Jacobs. A lack of government support on sustainability means that it is up to school leaders to seize the initiative with their own planet-saving...
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How to Help Students Take Better Notes
Taking notes is a fundamental part of learning, particularly in secondary schools – but do your students really know how to do it well? John Dunlosky and Stephen T Peverly argue that the majority don’t. They outline what effective note taking looks like,...
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November 8

We Need to Talk about Differentiation in Schools
After researching the concept and gleaning the opinions of some 5,000 teachers, Ian Taylor explores some of the questionable techniques being used in the name of differentiation and ponders if we need to do it at all ?You know what differentiation is....
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Why Can’t Schools Cope with Stepparents?
Hundreds of thousands of pupils today are part of a stepfamily – so why don’t schools know how to deal with stepparents? Lucy Rycroft-Smith describes how her partner has been frozen out by her children’s teachers as a result of schools’ outdated attitudes...
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November 1

The Problem with Gendered Languages
Languages are like water – they take the easiest route. And, like gender, they are fluid. That is why, as world languages evolve to reflect cultural change, a revolution is under way in the use of ‘masculine’ and ‘feminine’ terms, writes Heather Martin...
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Should Minority Report Technology Be Used in Schools?
Predictive technology – powered by increasingly complex algorithms – is finding its way into schools, promising to pre-empt misbehaviour, violence or mental health issues before they happen. But does it work, and is its use ethical, asks Simon Creasey...
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August 16

Let’s Get Real about Education Research
Education often looks to the field of medicine for guidance on becoming an evidence-led profession. So why are we sticking to old-fashioned approaches? Here, Catherine Brentnall argues that realist evaluation, an alternative to randomised controlled...
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No. 5323, October 26

Solving the Equation: Xx=xy
More girls are taking maths A level but they are still hugely outnumbered by boys, despite research showing no gender gap in ability. Helen Ward asks why female students are put off the subject, and finds that teaching approaches and cultural norms are...
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The Mental Game of Fetch That Helps Students Succeed
Before a talented colleague retired, Shaun Allison asked for the secret to her consistently high results – and what she told him is backed up by research into ‘retrieval practice’. So now, as well as imparting information, his school focuses on getting...
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No. 5135, 2015

'Emotions and Events Are Black and White'
A student with Asperger's shares her experience of the condition I am female, maths is my worst subject, I love creative subjects and I have friends. I went against everything I thought it meant to have Asperger's and it seems the medical...
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