Visible Language

Articles from Vol. 38, No. 3, 2004

Left-Handedness: A Writing Handicap?
ABSTRACT Left-handedness is often seen as a disadvantage when it comes to writing and left-handers are often seen as 'problem ' writers. However, the difficulties many left-handers face do not stem from their left-handedness, but from the left-to-right...
The Mutamathil Type Style: Towards Free, Technologically-Friendly 'Arabetic'1 Types
ABSTRACTEfforts to adapt various Arabetic scripts to the machine are as old as the field of typography, but most of these efforts concentrated primarily on forcing the machine to duplicate the Arabetic handwritten forms. Others have practically advocated...
Thinking on Paper: Hindu-Arabic Numerals in European Typography
ABSTRACTWestern typography involves the 26 letters, punctuation marks and numerals as a whole "expanded alphabet." Between the 11th and 16th centuries the hindu-arabic numerals entered that alphabet, causing greater numeracy, much like the growth in...
Towards a Reader-Friendly Font: Rationale for Developing a Typeface That Is Friendly for Beginning Readers, Particularly Those Labeled Dyslexic
ABSTRACTA critical step toward becoming a fluent reader is learning to recognise, name and distinguish the letters of the alphabet. This difficult task is often a point of failure. The task, however, can be made easier and less prone to failure. This...
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