Hispanic Review

Covers research in Hispanic literary and cultural studies, the journal features essays and book reviews on the diverse cultural manifestations of Spain and Latin America, from the medieval period to the present.

Articles from Vol. 68, No. 1, 2000

A Collision of Rationalism and Spiritualism in "El Hombre De la Rosa" of Manuel Rojas: Decoding the Secret Signals
THERE are works in literature which, by virtue of their curious and thought-provoking nature draw the reader back irresistibly to the tale and invite a closer look. Such a work is one of the short stories of the Chilean-Argentinean writer Manuel Rojas...
La Imaginacion Amorosa En la Poesia del Siglo De Oro
La imaginad6n amorosa en la poesia del Siglo de Oro. (Anejo no. xxii de la revista Cuadernos de Filologia). By Javier Garcia Gibert. Valencia: Universitat, 1997. 132 pages. This slender volume, written by the author of a doctoral thesis completed at...
La Obra Poetica De Luis Cernuda: Entre Mito Y Deseo
La obrapo4tica de Luis Cernuda: entre mito y deseo. By Maria Cristina C. Mabrey. Madrid: Pliegos, 1996. 190 pages. This study, a dissertation written in the late 1980s and not. updated, contains four chapters: the first two synthesize theories of myth...
The Secret of Borges. A Psychoanalytic Inquiry into His Work
The Secret of Borges. A Psychoanalytic Inquiry into His Work. By Julio Woscoboinik. Trans. Dora Carlisky Pozzi. Lanham, MD: UP of America, 1998. xi + 229 pages. Some irony is to be found in this basically Freudian interpretation of Borges, who considered...
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