et Cetera

A quarterly journal of artistic essays and art criticism.

Articles from Vol. 67, No. 2, April

Be(a) Very Afraid
Are you afraid of the word beaver! Would you be horrified if someone called you an eager beaver! What would you think if you heard someone with a British accent make reference to a person beavering about! Honestly, when you hear or read the word beaver,...
General Semantics and . .
General semantics, a process-oriented, problem-solving system, helps individuals better evaluate and understand the world and therefore make more intelligent decisions. It was originally formulated by Alfred Korzybski, a Polish engineer and intellectual...
My Life Is a Drama on Facebook
In the 1990s, I became convinced that "life is a drama" would be the dominating metaphor of our culture. This was because everyone spent so much time watching television, going to movies, or seeing the movies on VCRs. The drama that surrounded us was...
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