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Articles from Vol. 67, No. 4, October

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News from the Balvant Parekh Centre for General Semantics and Other Human Sciences, Vadodara, India[Members of the Centre participated in the First Regional Workshop for School Teachers, "Time-Binding and the Art and Science of Pedagogy," held July 30-31,...
REMEMBRANCE: Severen L. Schaeffer, 1936-1993
Severen L. Schaeffer introduced general semantics in France and the rest of Europe in the 1960s. Many corporate managers, leaders, and other curious people attended his seminars and sometimes later used their own creative energies to spread the word...
Why It Has Been So Difficult to Name the Decade 2001-2010
Some decades have been named colorfully - the Sixties, the Me Decade, the Age of Reagan. But we never really got a linguistic handle on the fin-desiècle Nineties. And the following decade has also proved tough to name.I have been kicking around names...
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