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No. 26, 2014

To Repair or Not to Repair: What Is the Motivation?
The lights on the dishwasher panel blink and then go dark. No amount of pushing, prodding, or opening and closing the dishwasher door succeeds in restoring life to the now-defunct home appliance. The consumer faces a decision: should he try to extend...
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Consumers' Attitudinal and Behavioural Ties with Brands: An Integrative Approach to Build a Consumer-Brand Relationship Model
Consumer researchers have shown significant interest in identifying the drivers of strong consumer-brand relationships. In the past, researchers have uncovered various drivers of consumer brand relationships, namely socio-motive and affective attachments...
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The Divergent Effects of Mortality Salience of Self versus Mortality Salience of a Loved One on Materialistic Consumption
Marketing communications can prompt consumers to contemplate their own death, as well as the death of loved ones. For example, a TV ad of the Heart & Stroke Foundation may remind a viewer of his own mortality if he has a heart condition or of his...
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Green Intentions: An Exploratory Study on Advertising and the Environmental Movement
Over the past few decades, environmentalism has become an issue of much public interest. Beginning in the 1980s and continuing today, public opinion polls have been inquiring about citizens' opinions on environmental issues. Recently, the Pew Research...
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No. 24, 2013

Sustainable Life Path Concept: Journeying toward Sustainable Consumption
As a modest estimate, the average person enters into at least a million consumer transactions over the span of their lifetime (based on 75 years of consumption (during ages15-80) and 35 decisions each day, totalling 958,125). This guestimate puts a face...
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Creative Consumption after Mortality Salience: Compared to What, for Whom, What Tasks? and a Time Horizon Issue
Every day, amateur consumers buy art and craft supplies from stores like Michael's Arts & Crafts, collect camera accessories to help demonstrate their originality in photography, or get software to facilitate the production of their own musical compositions...
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Experiential Consumption of Video Game and In-Show Ads: Phenomenological Explanation through Thought Experimentation
Video games provide a unique communicative playground in which advertisers should participate. In this milieu, advertisers are taking advantage of the experiential nature of video gaming by speaking to the product interests, via in-game advertising (IGA),...
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An Application of a Fuzzy-Based Optimisation Model for Selecting Food Products Based on Cost and Nutrition
For consumers with limited financial resources, both the total healthiness of the food product and the affordability are equally critical determinants in choosing basic food products. The application of fuzzy based methods enables a systematic selection...
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No. 23, 2013

In Search of Meaning That Matters
A number of issues face academia that many of us struggle with on a daily basis. One issue in particular that faces research based journals is the notion of relevancy and impact. Many of the authors who publish in the JRC are under pressure to publish...
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Problem and Non-Problem Gamblers' Attraction to Different VLT Games
ABSTRACT:This study investigated the opinions of problem and non-problem Video Lottery Terminal (VLT) gamblers. Specifically, two separate focus group sessions were conducted with problem and non-problem gamblers in which they discussed their opinions...
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Rubbernecking or Rejuvenation: Post Earthquake Perceptions and the Implications for Business Practice in a Dark Tourism Context
The situation"New Zealanders have woken to a tragedy unfolding in the great city of Christchurch. The earthquake that struck the Canterbury region at ten to one yesterday has wrecked death and destruction on a dreadful scale .There is no reason that...
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Effects of Family Structure on Materialism and Compulsive Consumption: A Life Course Study in Brazil
ABSTRACT:Previous studies assume that stress created by changes in family structure plays a role in the development of materialism and compulsive consumption tendencies of youths. The present study provides additional and alternative explanations as...
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Consumers Are More Important Than Some Think
ABSTRACT:This paper adds to the literature that studies the effects of improvements in consumer skills on the degree of vendor competition. Historically, competitive models have largely taken consumer skills for granted, along with consumer self-interest,...
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No. 22, 2012

Overexposure in Social Networking Sites
ABSTRACT:The rise of the Internet and the advancement in technology have given rise to various new modes of communication, in which the most recent being social networking sites. Since the inception of social networking sites, countless communication...
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To Use the Obvious Choice: Investigating the Relative Effectiveness of an Overexposed Celebrity
The practice of using celebrity endorsements in advertising to promote products dates back to more than a hundred years. According to McCracken (1989), a celebrity endorser could be defined as, ...any individual who enjoys public recognition and who...
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Understanding Green Marketing and Advertising in Consumer Society: An Analysis of Method Cleaning Products
ABSTRACT:This study attempts to understand green marketing and advertising in consumer society, with specific regard to Method cleaning products. The study uses rhetorical analysis to examine both the copy and the visuals of various marketing communication...
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No. 21, 2012

ABSTRACT:This essay offers a brief reflection on the purpose of the Journal of Research for Consumers and in particular, the importance of the word 'for' as a means of driving the journal forward and solidifying a vision for the journal. I offer some...
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Exploring Dramaturgy in Consumer Research
ABSTRACT:The dramaturgical organizing framework introduced here supplies consumers and consumer researchers with new avenues of exploration. The theatric metaphor found in impression management theory was reconfigured utilizing terminology more inherent...
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To the Young and the Restless Marketing Academic Aspirant: Musings on the Publishing Game
ABSTRACT:In this "thought piece", the author reflects on academic publishing in the realm of marketing. In the process, he offers tips and suggestions to aid the potential as well as the neophyte scholars in marketing in their publishing endeavours.IntroductionAt...
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Can Consumer Power Lead to Market Equalization on the Internet?
ABSTRACT:Consumers today are able to control many marketing communications and relationships as a result of the increasing digitalization in consumer markets. We are now re-discovering the nature of active consumer power in this new age of digital communication....
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No. 17, 2010

Consumer Choice Bias Due to Number Symmetry: Evidence from Real Estate Prices
ABSTRACTRational Consumers strive to make optimal purchasing decisions based on quality and price. However, a growing body of evidence indicates that innate psychological biases may thwart consumers in their attempts to make such decisions. One such...
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No. 18, 2010

Personal Values and Social Marketing: Some Research Suggestions
ABSTRACTPersonal values, as motivational constructs, are likely to influence the types of social behaviours in which people engage. However, most of the research examining the relationship between personal values and social and ethical issues has focused...
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The Influence of Grandparents on Children's Diets
ABSTRACTGrandparents play an important role in feeding their grandchildren, yet the families in this qualitative study reported that grandparents usually provide their children with unhealthy food. Grandparents were frequently discussed as one of the...
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An Exploration of Ethical Consumers' Response to 'Animal Friendly' Apparel Labelling
ABSTRACTAn emerging social ethic for animal welfare that seeks to improve the welfare of animals in industrial farming is evident in the growing demand for products perceived to be 'animal friendly'. Research examining consumer response to 'animal friendly'...
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Children's Family Dinner Experiences and Attitudes
ABSTRACTOverweight and obesity are a major problem affecting children in many countries. The practice of sharing regular family meals has been shown to improve children's diets and eating habits, which in turn can have favourable outcomes for children's...
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No. 13, 2007

Understanding Materialistic Consumption: A Terror Management Perspective
ABSTRACTThis study adopted terror management theory (TMT) to explore how people's materialistic consumption behaviors can be influenced by social events, such as September 11, i.e., mortality salience effects on materialistic consumption. By using survey...
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Consumers and the Case for Labeling Genfoods
ABSTRACTSince the mid-1990s, Argentina, Canada, and the United States have surreptitiously introduced genetically engineered food crops in their domestic as well as international markets. Despite the many health uncertainties surrounding these products,...
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No. 12, 2007

Exploring the Impact of Providing Alternative Technology Products in Remote Tibetan Communities
ABSTRACTIn the remote North-Eastern corner of the Tibetan plateau in the Western Chinese province of Qinghai, ethnic Tibetans spend many hours each day gathering yak dung, wood and other fuel substitutes necessary for heating, making tea and cooking....
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A Reflection on Consumers' Happiness: The Relevance of Care for Others, Spiritual Reflection, and Financial Detachment
ABSTRACTThis study examines the concept of consumers' happiness and its direct relationship with financial detachment. Specifically, this research proposes a conceptual model with three supported concepts hypothesized to directly and indirectly contribute...
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Reducing the Experience of Loneliness among Older Consumers
ABSTRACTThis study examined older people's experiences of loneliness and how these may be ameliorated through consumption practices. Interviews were conducted with 19 Australians aged 65 years and older. Most interviewees reported the use of a range...
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No. 11, 2006

Ethical Consumerism: Are Unethical Labour Practices Important to Consumers?
ABSTRACTThis study investigates whether negative information about the labour practices of a company affects consumers' opinions of the company, and ultimately, their product purchasing decisions. Specifically, this study uses the case of Oxfam's 'NikeWatch'...
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No. 10, 2006

Learning to Trust E-Tailers: Strategies Used by Consumers
AbstractThis article draws on a phenomenological study of understanding six early adopters' successful online shopping experiences. Narratives of their online purchasing experiences suggest that learning to trust e-tailers is a complex process shaped...
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Is It 'Too Bloody Late'? Older People's Attitudes to the National Physical Activity Guidelines
ABSTRACTThe National Physical Activity Guidelines (NPAGs) are the evidence-based recommendations on physical activity for all Australians. This study examines the attitudes of older people to the NPAGs with the aim of identifying communication objectives...
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Ethical Consumers and E-Commerce: The Emergence and Growth of Fair Trade in the UK
ABSTRACTIn this article we seek to investigate the claim that active consumer choice can influence societal transformation through study of the growth in the market for 'fair trade' goods in the UK, and by evaluating the effect of their availability...
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No. 9, 2005

Respect in the Marketplace
ABSTRACTRespect is important, ignored, and poorly defined in marketing circles. One would expect respect to play a significant role in relationship marketing because we know that it is important in interpersonal relationships; especially close ones (Frei...
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Consumption and the Ideal Life
ABSTRACTThis article explores individuals' beliefs of what constitutes an ideal life. The objective was to provide insight into the extent to which the consumption of goods and services factors into perceptions of how life should be. In total, 36 interviews...
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Parenting in an Obesogenic Environment
ABSTRACTThis article explores the impact of a food-marketing trend that uses fun to sell unhealthy food to children. Twenty-one mothers of young children were interviewed (nine in focus groups and twelve in indepth interviews). The study found evidence...
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No. 8, 2005

Finding Ourselves in Images: A Cultural Reading of Trans-Tasman Identities
ABSTRACTThis paper explores salient ideas, metaphors, and meanings embedded in representations of New Zealand, Australian, and trans-Tasman cultural identities. The discussion is grounded in the examination of New Zealand and Australian beer, car, and...
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On Honesty and Trust, Gods and Mortals: Gendered Experiences of Honesty and Trust in Patient-Practitioner Relationships
ABSTRACTHonesty and trust are crucial in patient-practitioner relationships. Gender also can exert a powerful influence on how patients experience health care. This article investigates the interplay of trust and honesty with gender, as lived by patients...
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How Does a Household Health Survey Change Consumer Perspectives of Diabetes in a Multiethnic Area of New Zealand?
ABSTRACTThe aim of this paper was to investigate whether or not a diabetes research project had benefits for, or other impacts on, health consumers. A face-to-face household survey in inner urban South Auckland, a multiethnic community, was undertaken...
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