Journal of Economics and Economic Education Research

The Journal of Economics and Economic Education Research is a peer-reviewed journal published annually by Allied Academies. The journal covers economics and economic research education at the collegiate and K-12 grade levels.

Articles from Vol. 7, No. 2, May

A Reassessment of the Relationship between Income Inequality and Poverty
ABSTRACT The paper challenges the belief that income inequality causes poverty. The state data set instead of international database is used to investigate whether or not a rise in income equality causes an increase or decrease in poverty rate....
A Response of High School Teachers to the Adoption of State Economic Standards
ABSTRACT This paper addresses the recent adoption of economics standards in the state of Indiana. The analysis is based on responses to a survey instrument that was designed to obtain information about the demographic profile of high school economics...
Modeling Markets for Sports Memorabilia
ABSTRACT A simple hedonic pricing model is developed for baseball cards, of the type often used successfully to model prices for artworks. The model is constructed based on insights contributed by both the sports psychology and finance literatures...
Motivating the Reluctant, Novice Learner: Principles of Macroeconomics
ABSTRACT Most instructors recognize the correlation between student motivation and academic learning and achievement. This is supported by literature not only establishing the link, but also work that includes myriad strategies for affecting multiple...
On-Line Mathematics Reviews and Performance in Introductory Microeconomics
ABSTRACT We examine whether on-line remedial mathematics reviews can improve student performance in introductory microeconomics. In treatment sections, graded pre- and posttests were used to assess student understanding of graphing, systems of linear...
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